What Can I Ship?

Be prepared before you ship!

DHL Express transports a vast variety of goods and commodities around the world for our customers. Ensuring all shipments travel safely and securely throughout our global network is of utmost importance, so it’s essential you are aware of guidelines and restrictions for the items you are shipping.
Which goods can be shipped and shipping requirements may vary from destination to destination, local laws and regulations. Some goods may only require a shipping label, while other items may require additional documentation, an agreement with DHL Express and specific packaging, labels and package markings.
Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when preparing to ship your goods:
  • Does the shipment destination country allow this item?
  • Am I shipping Lithium Batteries?
  • Is anything combustible?
  • Do I need approval to ship this item?
  • Is anything liquid or perishable?
  • Have I met the shipping regulations for these items?
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