DHL EasyShip

What is DHL EasyShip?

DHL EasyShip is an integrated shipping management solution. Designed for shippers with large shipment volume, DHL EasyShip is a powerful tool that streamlines your shipping process and increases speed and productivity. From multi-national supply chains to companies with a central shipping function, DHL EasyShip can meet your needs.
DHL EasyShip can run on a single PC or over your local network, so you can extend access to several users.
How can DHL EasyShip help you?
  • Streamlines shipping processes by preparing waybills, labels and customs documentation
  • Utilizes one-click shipping functionality to prepare frequent or recurring shipments
  • Provides real-time tracking, instantaneous pricing and customizable reporting
  • Maintains shipment history and an extensive address book
  • Allows for data import and export for integration with customer applications
  • Supports shipment mailing lists, pre-notification and deferred shipments
  • Comes with full technical support including training, documentation, helpdesk, updates and on-site maintenance
What do I need to start shipping?
What do I need to start shipping?
  • DHL Account number
  • PC with a Pentium IV and internet connection
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Laser Printer or thermal label printer
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Shipment Management Solutions
DHL express offers a variety of flexible options – from online and software options, to powerful integrated and tailored business solutions.
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