Reference Format Tips

Tips for Defining Reference Formats

You can create Reference Formats so that people can enter shipment references to match predefined formats.


  • Be sure to define your formats using only the allowed characters.
  • The position (order) of the characters must be specific in order to work properly.
  • Keep in mind that when creating shipments, should someone enter a reference that does not follow a defined formats, they will receive an error message. They will not be able to proceed until they enter a correct reference format.

Allowed Characters

Character Description
? Any single ASCII character
* 0 or more ASCII characters
# Any single number (0 - 9)
% 0 or more numbers (0-9)
@ Any single alpha character (A-Z)
& 0 or more alpha characters (A-Z)

Example Formats

Format Description Example
@@@### 3 alpha characters followed by 3 numbers ABC778
862###? 3 specific numbers followed by 3 numbers and 1 character 862123$
% A series of numbers 453902156
123& 3 specific numbers followed by a series of alpha characters 123QXWY
&% A series of alpha characters followed by a series of numbers UEZPA801234
###* 3 numbers followed by a series of characters 444($!)