Faster Customs Clearance – How You Make a Difference

We've optimized our processes to simplify and speed up the clearance process. And the shipment details you provide – such as your customs invoice details – play a critical role in clearing shipments quickly.
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DHL transmitting shipment information to customs authorities
Customs Clearance Starts Immediately
We move fast! Even before your packages are loaded onto planes, DHL sends your customs invoice details (data) to customs authorities for security screening and to also start customs clearance.
  • Data is sent electronically
  • Before shipments are loaded onto planes
  • At country of departure
Network of Global Customs Regulations

We work with customs requirements from around the world.

For DHL Express to ensure a smooth and fast clearance, shippers must provide:

  • Complete and accurate goods descriptions
  • Shipment details electronically
Customs authorities reviewing shipment details for clearance

Our Worldwide Routing

We use dynamic, flexible routing of airplanes to always ensure the fastest possible transit time. 

That means customs security screening regulations can impact shipments from any origin and to any destination depending on routing.

Woman describing the items in her package
Precise Details Matter!
One of the most important things you can do to help your shipment through the customs security screening and clearance process is to ensure you accurately describe your shipment items (goods/commodities).
  • What the goods are, what they are made of and their purpose
  • Harmonized System (HS) code
  • Missing details slow down the clearance process!
MyDHL+ Helps You
When you create shipments in MyDHL+, we'll help you provide shipment and customs invoice details that support the most efficient customs security screening and clearance process.
  • We’ll give you tips and guidance on describing your goods
  • We can help you create your customs invoice
  • Options to upload your shipment details electronically
Woman describing the items in her package
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