Scope and Responsibility

This Privacy Notice applies to all users of our services, websites, applications, features or other services anywhere in the world, unless covered by a separate Privacy Notice.
This Privacy Notice applies to the following categories of individuals:
  • Shippers: shippers, including their employees, or individuals who send a shipment
  • Shipment receivers: Any individual who receives a shipment
  • Persons showing interest in us and our services
  • Business partners: business partners, including their employees
  • Employment candidates: individuals that apply for a job with us
All the above subjects are referred to as “you” or “your”.
Our data protection practices are subject to applicable law in the places in which we operate. This means that we engage in the practices described in this Privacy Notice in a particular country, only if permitted by regional or local data protection laws.

Other privacy legislation

For specific privacy legislations, please consult the country specific DHL website.

Changes to this privacy notice
We reserve the right to change this Privacy Notice from time to time according to the changes in our services, the processing of your data or in the applicable law. We therefore recommend to visit our Privacy Notice periodically.
The legal entity that acts as your data controller determines how and why your data is processed:

DHL International GmbH

Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 20

53113 Bonn


Business Partners
(Third) parties who provide services to us e.g. suppliers, service partners, data processors
Communication channel providers
Third parties who provide us the use of their communication channels e.g. WhatsApp
All personal data related to a person who can be identified or identifiable directly or indirectly
DHL Express
DHL, we, us, our

Shipment Receivers

The party to whom the shipment are delivered e.g. consignee, neighbors


The party who initiates a shipment from one location to another via us
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