Become a DHL Service Point Partner

DHL Express is always looking for suitable DHL SERVICE POINT partners to manage and operate professionally-staffed retail locations which provide shipping services to the general public. Learn about our partner benefits and apply today!
DHL Express has developed a retail channel called DHL SERVICE POINT. These physical outlets enable the general public, small businesses, internet traders, students and others an easy way to send and collect Express shipments to and from anywhere in the world. The operation of these outlets is managed by DHL Express or third parties.
A DHL SERVICE POINT can help your store become a focal point for customers looking for range of service and convenience. It’s easy to set up and a great way to increase customer footfall and turnover. What’s more a DHL SERVICE POINT brings an internationally renowned brand to your store. Your customers will not only enjoy DHL’s trusted shipping service, they will benefit from free online tracking, robust packaging and transparent pricing.
Providing access to the world’s leading delivery specialists from your own store is much easier than you think. And we’ll include of course details of your own store or chain of stores in our online SERVICE POINT Locator, which is used by our customers and Customer Service teams alike, around the world.
  • A retail store or chain of stores with a good trading record
  • Staff that provide excellent customer service
  • Ability to manage cash transactions and alternative payment methods
  • Willingness to accept origin parcels for shipping or destination shipments for collection
  • Secure area for the storage of parcels for shipping or collection
  • Storage space for DHL flat-pack packaging
  • Commitment to promote the DHL service at your store
  • Web connectivity for online shipment management
Complete required details
Interested in becoming a DHL SERVICE POINT partner? Please complete the simple application below and submit to DHL.
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