Upload Quick Tips

You can conveniently upload multiple shipments to create labels and customs invoices! Available options include predefined DHL mapping and unique mapping you’ve created to match file details with MyDHL+ shipment fields. This ensures the information goes in the correct field for each shipment.

After uploading you'll be able to:

  • Access your shipments immediately in Manage Shipments
  • Start printing shipment labels with documents 
  • Modify shipment details before printing if needed
  • Schedule courier pickups

Prepare your file:

  • Arrange the data in your file to align with one of the predefined Upload Options
  • Save as CSV, TXT or XML

Upload one or a few shipments to:

  • Check out how they appear in Manage Shipments
  • Get a good idea of which details go into the shipping fields
  • See how easy it is to modify and delete shipments
  1. Select upload option
  2. The Shipper Address in the data file will be applied, or you can select one from the address book to apply to all shipments
  3. The Shipper Account in the data file will be applied, or you can select one from your saved accounts to apply to all shipments
  4. Select the file format
  5. Select your character set, if unsure select UTF-8
  6. Upload and select your file
  7. Click Process Shipments

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