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常見問題 – Shipping Online

Weights and Dimensions

Can I estimate the size and weight of a parcel?

Accuracy is important, so if you have to estimate, try to be as accurate as possible.

  • DHL reweighs and measures all parcels once they arrive at our service centers.
  • If your estimated weight and dimensions are inaccurate, it may result in additional charges.


Can I use my own packaging when shipping with DHL?

Yes. Packing your parcels with proper materials and care helps ensure shipments arrive safely and intact.

 View Packaging Advice and Tips

Printing Labels and Documents

Why doesn’t the shipping label print screen open?

Most browsers open a new tab or window to enable printing the PDF label. You may need to check your browser settings to make sure MyDHL+ is not blocked or is a trusted site.


Internet Explorer

  1. Open Settings/Internet Options
  2. Select Security tab
  3. Click the green checkmark Trusted Sites
  4. Click the Sites button
  5. Enter and click Add


Microsoft Edge

  1. On the Print screen, after you click Print, you will receive an alert that pop-up is being blocked.
  2. Click Always allow


​​​​​​​If your browser settings are correct and you are still not able to get to the print screen, please contact us at 853-2837 2828.

Canceling Shipments