Complaint? Compliment?

Go Straight to the Top!

Understanding how you feel about the service you’ve received – good or bad – is vital in helping us shape our business to serve you better.
  • At DHL Express we are committed to providing great quality service and we strive to get it right first time, every time! Occasionally, however, our service does not live up to the high standards that you’ve come to expect from us.  If this is the case, our management wants to hear your complaints first-hand.
  • Of course thousands of customers rely on DHL every day for their delivery needs and if we’ve really impressed you, we’d like to hear about that too!
Rahman Bholah, General Manager
"Our focus is always on how best we can serve our customers"
Fazilla Tajoo, Head of Customer Service
“Our passion in DHL is to deliver an amazing customer experience to our customers. Whether it is a great story to share or an area of to improve on…. You have a voice in our business and your feedback is invaluable to us”
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