Upload Quick Tips

It's fast and easy to upload many contacts to the address book! Our upload process uses our predefined field mapping to match your file's contact details with MyDHL+ Address Book fields.

  • This ensures the information goes in the correct field for each contact.
  • After uploading the file, your contacts are immediately available.
  • You can start creating shipment labels quickly with your new contacts in the MyDHL+ Address Book! 
  • Uploaded contacts can be updated directly in the address book.

To upload contacts successfully, be sure the information meets our file guidelines.

First time uploading contacts into your address book? You can test the different options by uploading one test contact. 

  • Check how it appears in your address book,
  • Get a good idea of which contact details go into the address book fields,
  • And, see how easy it is to modify and delete contacts.
  1. Select upload option
  2. Check if your file contains a header row 
  3. Check if details need to be truncated
  4. Provide the field delimiter, and if applicable, text delimiter
    Example: “DHL Express”,”John Smith”, “Address 1”
    The field delimiter is a comma (,) and the text delimiter is a quotation mark (“).
  5. Select your character set, if unsure select UTF-8 
  6. Upload and select your file
  7. Click Add Contacts to Address Book

If you encounter any issues with uploading your file:

  • We’ll provide specific information for you to update the contact and try uploading the file again.
  • And if you need assistance, we’re here to help! Contact us at: 088 - 055 2000