Electronic Billing

Go Paperless with Electronic Billing

Save time, gain efficiencies and receive your invoices via email with our electronic billing service.
DHL MyBill allows you to efficiently manage and pay your DHL invoices online. It’s free, easy and secure. DHL MyBill helps you streamline your billing process, with all your DHL shipping information in one secure location. Our secure online environment saves time, eliminates paperwork and is easy to use because you can receive and pay DHL invoices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Electronic billing is easy-to-use and requires no training. You can use the system to view new e-invoices, search through archived invoices and import invoice data directly into your accounting system.
More About Electronic Billing
More About Electronic Billing

The benefits of electronic billing
  • Paperless Transactions: When an e-invoice has been issued, an email is sent to you with the invoice attached in PDF format containing a link to our website.
  • Multiple Formats: E-invoices can be downloaded in a variety of formats including CSV file (for importing into a spreadsheet such as Excel), PDF (ideal for printing or sending as an attachment) and XML. So no need to manually type invoice data into your finance system--saving you time and helping to eliminate errors.
  • Online History Search: Your e-invoices are online until 13 months, so you can quickly search and find an invoice in a matter of seconds. You may view both previously paid and unpaid invoices.
  • Register Invoice Inquiries Online: You can log invoice inquiries online. The information you log will be sent to DHL for investigation and the status of the inquiry will be available for review online.
  • Waybill Retrieval: You can view waybill images online, making it easier for you to review and validate your invoices. Simply click on the link for the waybill to view the image. Should an image not be available, a request will be automatically logged and passed to a DHL Customer Service team for action. You may also request for the waybill images to be sent together with your invoice via email.
  • Online Payment: You can pay your unpaid invoices or account balance using your credit card or through bank funds transfer.
Start using DHL Express electronic billing
  • Upon registration and validation, you will be issued with a username and temporary password which you will be required to modify upon the first login. Once registered for electronic billing, no further paper invoices will be sent.
  • You can login any time, from any PC using a browser such as Internet Explorer. There you can view your invoices, search through online history invoices and upload the invoice data securely into your financial systems.
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