Become a DHL Service Point Partner

A DHL SERVICE POINT* is a professionally-staffed retail location that provides shipping services to the general public DHL Express will provide approved retail locations with the benefits of our international focus, great service quality and global expertise with your very own dedicated Retail Executive.
  • Highly competitive wholesale rates and drop-off compensation
  • DHL branded marketing materials are supplied for your store
  • DHL Customer Service provides your information to customers
  • Address and hours are noted on the DHL website Service Point locator
  • Customers can easily obtain driving directions on the DHL website
  • Primary business is providing packaging and shipping services to the general public
  • Offers DHL services to general public
  • Processes shipments using an automated Point-Of-Sale system
  • Accepts DHL customer drop-off of documents and parcels
  • Can manage cash transactions when additional packaging is required
Interested in becoming a DHL SERVICE POINT partner? Please complete a simple application.
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