Upload and Map Quick Tips

You can upload multiple shipments with your data in any order! Our customised process uses your file setup to map fields with MyDHL+ label and customs invoices. As long as the information in your file meets our guidelines, the shipments will upload successfully.

After uploading and mapping you'll be able to:

  • Save your new mapping as an automated option to use for future file uploads
  • Choose a file format of XML, CSV or TXT 
  • Access your shipments immediately in Manage Shipments 
  • Start printing shipment labels with documents 
  • Modify shipment details before printing if needed
  • Schedule courier pickups 

Prepare your file:

  • Save as CSV or TXT

Prior to uploading and mapping fields:

  • Do a quick comparison! Quickly review and download a shipment in Manage Shipments to use as a reference. You’ll be able to: 
    • Check an existing shipment to see how the data appears (what data is associated with which fields)
    • See how data is formatted, in case you need to make modifications to your data/fields
  1. The Shipper Address in the data file will be applied, or you can select one from the address book to apply to all shipments
  2. The Shipper Account in the data file will be applied, or you can select one from your saved accounts to apply to all shipments
  3. Provide the field delimiter, and if applicable, text delimiter 
    Example: “DHL Express”,”John Smith”, “Address 1”
    The field delimiter is a comma (,) and the text delimiter is a quotation mark (“).
  4. Check if your file contains a header row
  5. Select your character set, if unsure select UTF-8
  6. Upload and select your file

Need assistance? We’re here to help! 

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