Service Type Descriptions (for shipments from and to Brazil)

Service Type Descriptions (for shipments from and to Brazil)

All shipments arriving in Brazil are thoroughly inspected by the Federal Customs Service the shipment type you select will directly impact customs clearance time.

You can send your shipments using one of the following

Informal Release (Courier): Taxes and administrative services costs may be charged for shipments to Brazil.

Formal Release: Shipments to Brazil need Customs Clearance

Informal (courier) service is for shipments with a CIP/CIF value up to 3K USD and goods that are for resale applies a limit of 100K USD per year. The Formal Import/Export type is for sales and resale and requires a broker for customs clearance.

Types of Goods

  • Books, periodicals
  • Samples
  • Finished goods


Types of Goods

Formal service requires the importer register with the Federal Customs Service (RADAR).  For shipments that contain:

  • Any shipment with declared value above 3K USD
  • Goods that require an Import License (LI)
  • Shipments with dimensions greater than 98x98x120cm

Refer to Siscomex in the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM) for the complete list of acceptable shipment goods.

  • Waybill (must include the importer’s CNPJ/TAX ID) –  Written COMMERCIAL PURPOSE in Content Description, if applicable
  • For Commercial invoice, in case of commercial proposal must inform SHIPPING COST and HARMONIZED SYSTEM CODE

  • Waybill must include the recipient’s CNPJ/TAX ID and FORMAL IMPORT
  • Commercial invoice and packing list - original copy signed in blue ink and must write SHIPPING COST and HARMONIZED SYSTEM CODE
  • Prior import license - should be approved before the date of shipment to the destination airport (for specific products). This license is only necessary if required by the NCM
  • Valid CPF/CNPJ TAX ID -  the document must be duly registered by Federal Customs Services