Manage Forward and Reverse Logistics

What is Forward and Reverse Logistics?

Our web-based Forward and Reverse Logistics Platform is ideal for customers with forward and reverse flow logistics processes, using DHL Medical Express and DHL Collect & Return services.
With our Express Forward and Logistics Platform you’ll be able to
  • Schedule and manage pickups – track, reschedule or cancel
  • Arrange supplies pickup and deliveries from third party vendors – such as a dry ice supplier
  • Process a return shipment and maintain control of the entire process
  • Monitor performance and generate reports
  • Pre-print shipment labels
  • Order packaging
Benefits of our Express Logistics Platform
Benefits of our Express Logistics Platform
  • Streamline Processes – Schedule pickups for different forward and reverse shipment flows processes all at once. Access preset third party suppliers and repair vendors.
  • Accuracy – Our electronic address validation helps ensure accuracy
  • Notifications – Ability to set up email notifications for shipment paperwork and instructions to your customers and suppliers.
  • Visibility – Check up-to-the-minute status of each shipment and view tracking details.
  • Reporting – Easy-to-use online reports, which can be downloaded for your business analysis needs.
  • Integration Capabilities – Help increase efficiencies using your internal system.
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Shipment Management Solutions
DHL express offers a variety of flexible options – from online and software options, to powerful integrated and tailored business solutions.
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