DHL Custom Solutions

What are DHL Custom Solutions?

DHL offers combining tools and services to help you build DHL functionality into your own shipping systems. Create international shipping labels, manifest from your own system and transmit daily shipment information to DHL. This solution is best suited for shippers with unique shipment processing requirements.
When would you request DHL Custom Solutions?
Building your own solutions gives you the flexibility to control development time and effort. It also lets you decide on the exact functionality, automation and performance delivered to your warehouse or user.
More About DHL Custom Solutions
More About DHL Custom Solutions

What are the benefits?
  • DHL will work closely with you to design a solution for your company’s unique and specific needs.
  • You choose the exact requirements you would like built into your own DHL shipping system and we will recommend the right tools.
  • You determine the best integration method for your business and we will provide assistance throughout the entire process.
Which solutions are available?
  • SAS (Shipment Automation Specifications) requirements manual. SAS includes latest DHL specifications for rating and routing, label printing, and manifesting shipments.
  • EasyShip Enterprise server (hardware and software). It can be used to provide waybill ranges, rate and route information for customer-generated labels, or manifesting services.
  • XML programming interfaces. These advanced programming interfaces provide rate and service estimates, generate labels in multiple formats, supply tracking numbers, register locations for international shipping with DHL - all from DHL servers over the internet in real time.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) formats for processing shipments, tracking or billing.
What are DHL Custom Solutions requirements?
  • Working directly with DHL Technical Specialists to understand the recommended tools.
  • Lead the project with assistance from DHL technical resources.
  • Provide dedicated programming resources experienced with HTTP and XML to effectively utilize certain DHL developer tools.
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Shipment Management Solutions
DHL express offers a variety of flexible options – from online and software options, to powerful integrated and tailored business solutions.
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