Import Account Protection

Maximize Import account security and protection with DHL eSecure

Keeping your DHL Express Import account safe is a top priority for us. In today’s digital world, it’s essential to take steps to protect your Import account from intrusion by someone with dishonest intensions.
DHL eSecure is an advanced security feature that prevents unauthorized use of your DHL Express Import account across DHL online shipping solutions. It offers flexible options that allow you to personalize how you control your account. Most importantly–only people you have authorized will be able to process shipments online.
Key Features of DHL eSecure
Automated Approvals for Trusted Partners
  • You may work frequently with partners you trust and are confident are legitimate shippers.
  • Our Authorized Domain feature allows you to define those partner email domains and automate authorization requests.
  • Then those shippers are able to start shipping immediately without waiting for your Account Admin to approve.
Automated Rejections
  • Ideal for minimizing account usage requests from untrustworthy shippers, our My Domain feature allows you to define email domains you authorize, so that all other domain requests are automatically rejected.
Benefit from DHL eSecure Import account protection options! To get started, contact DHL Support.
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