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Our Fraud Specialists are here to help you. Complete the online fraud affidavit form if you suspect someone has used your DHL Express Account number without authorization. Once an account has been reported for fraudulent activity, DHL requires a new account number is issued. It is not feasible to report fraud and keep an existing account number open. Please complete the following affidavit form with as much information as possible to ensure the account can be researched and resolved properly.
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Legal Notice
I, (“Affiant”) under oath, depose and state as follows:
1. I am over the age of 18 years and a resident of the State of *

2. I am the account holder for the above referenced account, and want to close the referenced account.

3. I did not authorize the disputed shipment(s) and/or charges referenced above, nor have I authorized these shipments by a third party.

4. This is a true and accurate statement and is given in consideration of DHL Express (USA), Inc. (“DHL”) releasing me from all debts and obligations associated with such shipments or invoices.

5. I hereby release DHL of all claims that might have arisen or that may in the future arise from such shipments and/or invoices through the date of this Affidavit.

6. I am executing this document on behalf of myself, or as the corporate officer on behalf of the above named corporate entity, and all successors and assigns, and represent and warrant that:
  • (i) I have full power and authority to execute and deliver this Agreement, and
  • (ii) I have read and fully understand the terms of this Agreement and have had the opportunity to seek legal counsel, and
  • (iii) I agree to these terms voluntarily and without duress or coercion.
Dated This Day
Legal Notice to be provided, such as by providing name below certifies that these shipments are deemed fraudulent to the best of knowledge.
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