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As of July 2, 2023, when creating a shipment to Ireland in MyDHL+ and DHL Express shipping solutions

  • City and postcode will be required for the Recipient address
For DHL Express high-volume shippers and accounts that have integrated systems, Ireland’s Eircode system  allows searches by city/postcode combinations

DHL has been alerted of the unauthorized use of its business name in SMS messages asking receivers to download an application with the extension '.apk'. We encourage you to let us know at your earliest convenience by sending a screenshot of the suspicious SMS to, include the suspicious phone number in the message. After reporting the fraudulent message, please delete it and under no circumstance should you download the application.

View more information on fraud awareness

Argentina - Formal Clearance Value Reduced Formal Clearance Value ReducedView Details
Portugal - Low Value Shipment VAT Low Value Shipment VATView Details
Kenya - Anti-Counterfeit Import Permit Anti-Counterfeit Import PermitView Details
Customs Invoice Validation Requirements Customs Invoice Validation RequirementsView Details
According to ENACOM Resolution 4592 “Procedure for the management and final disposition of lagged shipments”, postal shipments in lag situation (those that the provider has tried, without success, to deliver to the recipient and there are not enough data to individualize and return to their sender or depositor, or when he refuses to receive them) will undergo the following procedure:
  • Once the impossibility of returning the postal items is determined, the postal operator must keep them on guard for a minimum of TWO (2) months.
  • Those postal items whose external signs, allow us to suppose that contain perishable or easily decomposed items, as well as those that present leaks or are in inappropriate conditions for storage, will be subjected to the lag procedure immediately.
  • Once the advertising periods have expired, without the sender or the recipient submitting a request for recovery, postal operators must declare all shipments that have not been delivered in that instance as lagging and proceed to open them.

To see if your air waybill is on the list of lag postal shipments, please contact us:

 Next opening date for shipments lagged: January 25, 2023
We have resumed limited outbound services from select locations in Ukraine to other countries.
We have temporarily suspended DHL Express shipments to and from Belarus and for inbound and domestic shipments to/within Russia.

Due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, response times to phone and email inquiries may be longer than usual.

In order to keep providing our usual great service quality you can use our Digital assistant tools, for more info please click here.

To help you keeping up to date on our operations in impacted countries, click here for the latest update on our network status. This website will be updated twice per week.

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