Customs Support for Private Customers

Useful information about customs clearance for private customers

Personal identity code

Finnish Customs requires a personal identity code or a company ID to be provided before the dutiable goods can be released. The ID can be given in advance to our customs department. Attaching also the relevant waybill number enables us to combine the ID with the right shipment.

Import duty and taxes

DHL charges duties and taxes from the customer prior to delivery. Customers registered as VAT payers should pay the tax directly to Tax Administration. DHL sends customs documents to the customer by email. The amount of customs duty and tax depends on the place of dispatch: another EU country, outside the EU or outside the EU fiscal territory. Duties and taxes are levied based on the customs commodity code, origin and customs value of the goods. Please note that customs value is not the same as the value of the shipment. Customs value is the purchase price of the goods + the transport and insurance costs. The exchange rate is determined by Finnish Customs and it is applicable on the clearance date as confirmed by Customs. Please see further details on how to calculate duties and taxes on the Finnish Customs website.  

Customs clearance process

Customs documents are processed in Customs, and if necessary, additional information or additional measures, such as laboratory examinations, may be required. The measures may delay the delivery and cause additional costs for the end customer. After exemption from customs duty the shipment is released for delivery. The delivery usually takes place on the next day.

Shipment collection

Released shipments can be collected from a DHL Service Point. When the shipment is ready for collection, the tracking result will show: CR, Customs release. Prior to collection, please contact DHL Customer Service and check that the shipment is at the Service Point and not with a courier. Find DHL Service Point Location.

Export shipments
All non-document shipments sent outside the EU must be declared. Attach a Commercial or Proforma invoice (in English) to the shipment and, in addition, send it along with a copy of the air waybill to DHL Export Clearance on the day of the pickup in order to accelerate the customs process. Basic export clearance (e.g. a sale, a gift, permanent return) is included in the rate.

A detailed description of the shipment’s contents, as well as the value of the goods, is required information on the customs invoice. A zero-value is not acceptable for customs clearance.

On the invoice, state the reason for export as clearly as possible. Should you have any special instructions on the clearance (e.g. goods sent for repair or returned from repair), please send it to our Export Clearance by email. 

The exporter's personal identity code or business identification number is also required for the export declaration. An individual or a company registered in Finland or elsewhere in the EU can act as an exporter of a consignment. Business IDs must be stated on the customs invoice and personal identity codes can be provided to Export Clearance by calling or e-mailing DHL Express will proactively contact exporters sending as private individuals to transmit the personal identity code in a secure manner for export declaration purposes.

The shipment can continue its journey from Finland after it is released from Customs. Within three business days of the shipment leaving the EU it will receive a decision on release with certification of exit.

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