Privacy Notice

DHL International GmbH. (hereinafter called 'DHL') is pleased that you have visited our website and are interested in our company, products and services. It is important to us to protect your personal data during handling throughout the entire business process.

Please be aware that the national legal requirements for data protection and the handling of personal data may vary from country to country. Therefore, if you visit the relevant DHL country websites you will learn more about country specific information on data protection.
In the following, we explain what information DHL collects when you visit our website and how this information is processed and for what specific purposes.

The Data Protection team is available to help with information requests, take suggestions or handle complaints.

Email: Data Protection Team

Telephone: 0345 072 0278

Written requests should be sent to:
James Holmes, Chief Information Officer, UK and Ireland
DHL International (UK) Limited
Southern Hub
Unit 1, Horton Road