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The index for determining the DHL Express Day Definite Fuel Surcharge will change effective August 1, 2022. Please visit our Fuel Surcharge page for more details.
The index for determining the DHL Express Fuel Surcharge will change effective July 1, 2022. Please visit our Fuel Surcharge page for more details.
We have temporarily suspended DHL Express shipments to and from Ukraine, Belarus and for inbound and domestic shipments to/within Russia.

DHL has been alerted of the unauthorized use of its business name in SMS messages asking receivers to download an application with the extension '.apk'. We encourage you to let us know at your earliest convenience by sending a screenshot of the suspicious SMS to, include the suspicious phone number in the message. After reporting the fraudulent message, please delete it and under no circumstance should you download the application.

View more information on fraud awareness

Currently, a malware is circulating by SMS impersonating DHL. The spam SMS asks the recipient to follow a link to a hacked website from where an app can be downloaded. When downloading, the app asks for several permissions, including viewing and sending SMS. We strongly advise not to follow the link in the SMS nor download the app, as it is a part of a scam.

When shipping, several regulations & policies must be observed. Therefore, DHL reserves the right to physically inspect any item tendered for carriage. Shipments lodged by our cash or credit card paying customers require 100% physical inspection. This policy is aligned with the legal and regulatory requirements of numerous governments and other regulatory authorities for the express delivery industry to ensure only legitimate shipments are processed.

Shipments may also be subject to other security control methods deemed necessary, such as Sniffer Dogs or X-ray without prior notice to the Shipper, Consignee and/or Payer.

Please note: As Items sent as gifts (Birthdays, Festive or Seasonal Celebrations etc.) are also subject to the same inspection(s) as noted above, Shippers are therefore advised not to wrap gifts or seal shipments upon tendering.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Until further notice, DHL Express will not accept shipments of military items subject to national export (or extra-territorial re-export) controls. Customers will be notified as soon as the suspension is lifted.

This suspension does not include domestic shipments or shipments of licensed dual-use items.

If you are uncertain whether your shipment contains military items subject to national export controls, please contact your national licensing authority.

As a globally operating company, epidemic and pandemic risk scenarios are an integral part of the Group's continuous risk planning. Therefore, DPDHL's business operations are continuously adapted to minimize potential consequences. The Group's security staff monitors the situation closely, coordinates with international organizations, and provides necessary information to all employees and relevant functions. The safety of our employees is paramount, and we have preparedness measures in place to mitigate any impact.

DHL Express maintains its operation as normal, but some delays may occur. However, we do everything we can to minimize these delays.

DHL Express' role is important in this situation, both locally and globally. Society needs us for the supply of goods to industry and essential equipment for the health care system, to keep both society and the economy afloat during this time of crisis. As always, the health and well-being of both our employees and customers is our top priority, and we balance helping and continuing operations unchanged, with the measures and precautions that best safeguard safety.

DHL Express' management team monitors developments closely and meets daily to assess and act properly. We adjust operations to maintain continuity and to support the safety and health of those affected. In addition, DHL Express operates in accordance with guidance from local authorities and public health authorities around the world. We have already implemented many contact reducing measures to reduce the potential transmission of infection.

Please contact your sales representative at DHL Express or our customer service (tel. +47 21 00 22 00) for further questions. Any major changes in operations will be updated continuously.

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