Please be advised that we have logged a series of attempts to mislead DHL customers by sending e-mails on behalf of DHL and by offering inappropriate payment methods for DHL services.
A customer receives an e-mail with an allegedly picked up shipments and a request to confirm delivery by following a link and entering your e-mail box password. The link which imitates DHL’s website leads to a third-party page.
Please note that DHL never requests passwords to the customers’ e-mail boxes and always takes privacy issues seriously. Ignore all and any e-mails of this nature.
Moreover, we would like to remind you that you can pay for DHL’s services only in cash or by bank transfer (for customers holding an account with DHL). Payment via any payment systems is not available. Be careful if you are required to make a payment via payment terminals or any other existing payment systems in order to pay for shipment delivery, customs duties or customs clearance services. Should you have any doubts about paying for DHL’s services, please contact Customer Service.