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DHL is a Licensed Customs Broker and can clear shipments at any value on your behalf. However, if you wish to use a Third Party Broker, please complete the form below.
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Please complete the following fields pertaining to the third party broker.
Would you like this broker to be applied to all future shipments?
Would you like shipments eligible for informal consolidated clearance, as well as, formal value shipments to be turned over to this broker?
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For future shipment application, please provide all consignee addresses for shipments to be cleared by this broker.

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Click the button, find and select your .pdf or .zip file (only one file may be uploaded, limited to 3MBs or less). Click Open and then you will see the selected file name in this form.
Note: Attachments are removed when the form generates an error message and must be uploaded again after error correction and before submitting a claim. Failure to provide supporting documents will delay processing.

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