DHL EDI Solutions

What are DHL EDI Solutions?

DHL EDI Solutions are Electronic Data Interchange solutions designed with large shipping volumes and multi-site logistics operations in mind, with shipping totally integrated into your existing global business processes. Highly advanced and totally customizable, they let you import relevant shipping information via electronic transfer directly into your systems – from shipment and delivery details to billing data.
What are the features?
  • Customized to fit process flows and management needs
  • Industry-standard protocol and multiple files format (Edifact, ANSIX12, RossettaNet, XML, flat files)
  • Secure information exchange and audit trails
  • Shipment status information to import into your existing systems
  • Single point of contact for global information
More About DHL EDI Solutions
More About DHL EDI Solutions

Benefits of Using DHL EDI
  • Lowers operating cost
  • Reduced error associated with manual data entry
  • Replaces paper and manual transactions with electronic transmissions
  • Improves inventory control
  • Information is exchanged dynamically and near real-time
Technical Requirements
  • Variety of communication protocols such as HTTP, FTP, AS2, etc.
  • Various connection options supported through a remote access environment
  • Internet, dial-up (ISDN/PSTN), value-added network (VAN), X.400, X.25, etc.
  • Use your own hardware and software 
Available Services
  • Shipment processing – register shipment detail in the DHL network
  • Pickup booking – schedule a DHL courier pickup
  • Tracking – obtain shipment details and event visibility filtered by waybill, license plate, or reference number and account number
  • Invoicing – obtain invoice items with shipment and other charges
  • Shipment label (available in mid-2011)
  • Other industry-standard services – please consult DHL sales
Available Formats
  • ANSI
  • EDIFact
  • RosettaNet
  • DHL proprietary format (SPS 2.0.3)
  • CSV
Available Communication Protocols
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • AS2 (preferred protocol)
  • HTTP
  • Email (not preferred)
  • RNIF (preferred protocol)
  • Web Services – please consult DHL Sales
Available Connections
  • Internet
  • Dial-up (ISDN/PSTN)
  • Value-added network (VAN), X.400, X.25, etc.
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