Shipment Protection (on Shipment Details)

Shipment Protection
Shipment Value Protection
Upon the shipper’s request, as indicated on the waybill, DHL will provide value protection coverage. Charges will vary based on origin of shipment and total of coverage requested (minimum charges apply). Shipper requests for Shipment Value Protection over $500,000 per shipment must be pre-approved by DHL. DHL is willing to consider these requests, but is under no obligation to approve them.
How We Charge
By Shipment Value
9.80 USD minimum for up to 700.00 USD coverage, plus 1.40 USD for each additional 100.00 USD covered
Extended Liability
When sending valuable documents such as passports, visa applications or regulatory certificates, the shipper can extend coverage and compensation in case of loss beyond the standard liability limits as described in our Terms and Conditions, Section 6. In the event of full or partial loss to a document shipment, fixed compensation will be paid regardless of the replacement cost of the document.
How We Charge
Per Shipment
5.00 USD for 500.00 USD fixed coverage