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Powerful Solution, Flexible Options, Many Benefits!

MyDHL+ is an innovative, powerful shipment creation and management solution ideal for a variety of shipping needs – whether you ship for your company or yourself. MyDHL+ also features robust, time-saving administrative options – ideal for companies looking to gain efficiencies, streamline account oversight and control costs.
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Create Shipments
Get Quotes
Create Customs Invoices
Schedule Pickups
Exporting and Importing
Tracking and Monitoring
Shipment Visibility and Management
Manage Contacts and Address Books
Administrative Controls, Account Security
Create Reports
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People with boxes
People with boxes
Designed with You in Mind
You don't have to be a shipping expert! MyDHL+ can be used by anyone! MyDHL+ specializes in easy-to-use shipment creation by guiding you through the process, helping you provide critical shipment details and make selections along the way.
  • Small, medium or large companies
  • High-volume shippers
  • Individuals shipping personal goods
  • Ecommerce merchants
It's a Perfect Fit
MyDHL+ is highly flexible and supports a variety of shipping needs.
  • Send one shipment or many
  • Ship on occasion or frequently
  • Exporting and Importing
People with boxes
People with boxes
A manager overseeing a team that ships packages
A manager overseeing a team that ships packages
Shipment Visibility and Management
MyDHL+ gives you full visibility to shipment status, management and reporting capabilities.
  • Track and monitor shipments
  • View shipments in transit status
  • Shipment history
  • View and create reports
Time-Saving Features
If you ship the same things routinely, easy-to-use features and convenient default options will help you save time every time you use MyDHL+! 
  • Use Past or Favorites shipment details to quickly create new shipments
  • Address auto-suggestions 
  • Set up shipment defaults 
  • Customized, reusable templates and lists
Woman using MyDHL+ to complete shipping tasks
Woman using MyDHL+ to complete shipping tasks
A manager organizing teams
A manager organizing teams
Customized for Your Business
MyDHL+ provides powerful administration control features allowing you to increase your company's efficiency and manage costs. Whether a small, medium or large company – our flexible solution lets you tailor options to fit your organization’s needs.
  • Define shipment creation options
  • Manage multiple users and create groups
  • Enhanced account usage controls
  • Online billing access
Contacts and Address Book
Your Address Book isn't just a list of names and addresses – it's one of the most valuable functions in MyDHL+. Not only will you be able to easily create and maintain contacts, you'll be able set up customized contact preferences and defaults, allowing you to  streamline and tailor selections when creating shipments.
  • Add and edit contacts
  • Upload and download contacts
  • Set up defaults
Managing address book contacts
Managing address book contacts
Man preparing a box for shipment
Man preparing a box for shipment
Shipment Details
Your shipment information plays a critical role in speedy customs clearance. MyDHL+ helps you provide complete and accurate item descriptions.  It also offers options to streamline steps when shipping many items or even creating many shipments all at once!
  • We can create customs invoices for you
  • Helpful Create Description feature
  • Convenient Upload File capabilities 
Your Personal Dashboard
Get clarity and focus at a glance of your most important activities.
  • Quick view of courier pickups, shipments in transit and upcoming dates and tasks
  • Quickest way to start a shipment
  • Customized view tailored to your priorities
Woman looking at MyDHL+ dashboard
Woman looking at MyDHL+ dashboard
Importer receiving shipments from around the world
Importer receiving shipments from around the world
Unique Importing Capabilities
DHL Express Import Account holders benefit from flexible and customizable capabilities that cater to the unique needs of importers.
  • Send shipment instructions to trusted shippers
  • Define actions shippers should take to complete shipments
  • Schedule courier pickups
Notifications and Sharing
Our robust monitoring and notification capabilities allow you to tailor and personalize sending shipment status updates. You decide "when" and "who" gets updates.
  • Get and send shipment progress and delivery status notifications
  • Share shipment details with others
  • Text and email notifications
Woman using features and functions of MyDHL+
Woman using features and functions of MyDHL+
Account Holders Can Do More!
MyDHL+ provides even more functions for DHL Express account holders.
  • View account rates, preferred delivery options and optional services
  • Leverage administrative control functions
  • Designate shipment billing charges

Worldwide Shipping

MyDHL+ is the ideal way for you to create and manage shipments to and from the 200+ countries and territories DHL Express services! It's easy to create a login to quickly start creating shipments.
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