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El Salvador - Import Permit Exemptions View DetailsEl Salvador - Import Permit Exemptions
Oman - Identification Required for Shipments to Oman View DetailsOman - Identification Required for Shipments to Oman
United Kingdom - Health Certificate Requirements View DetailsUnited Kingdom - Health Certificate Requirements
Brazil - International Online Seller Duty Exemption View DetailsBrazil - International Online Seller Duty Exemption

DHL Express does not accept international shipments of Controlled Military Items subject to export controls.

This suspension does not include domestic shipments of Controlled Military Items or international shipments of licensed dual-use items.

If you are uncertain whether your shipment contains military items subject to export controls, please contact your national licensing authority (and/or the licensing authority in the country of origin and destination of the military items) to verify.

DHL has been alerted to the unauthorised use of its business name in SMS messages or emails asking receivers to download an application or access a link. We encourage you to let us know at your earliest convenience by sending a screenshot of the suspicious SMS with the phone number or forwarding the suspicious email to After reporting the fraudulent message, please delete it and under no circumstances should you download the application or click on the link.

View more information on fraud awareness

Norway - Shipment Tax Collection View DetailsNorway - Shipment Tax Collection
Norway - International Online Sellers/E-platforms VAT Registration View DetailsNorway - International Online Sellers/E-platforms VAT Registration
Morocco - Tax Identification Number View DetailsMorocco - Tax Identification Number
International Online Marketplace Registration View DetailsInternational Online Marketplace Registration
International Online Marketplace Registration and Tax Collection View DetailsInternational Online Marketplace Registration and Tax Collection
Iron and Steel Processed Goods View DetailsIron and Steel Processed Goods
The European Union (EU) has introduced a new regulation known as Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism View Details
Annual Price Increase
DHL Express will update its prices, effective January 2024. In France, the average price increase will be 5.9% for Time Definite and Day Definite products.
The price change applies to all discounted rates and agreements, where contracts allow.
Online Retailers Collect Good and Services Tax Online Retailers Collect Good and Services TaxView Details
Take advantage of MyDHL+ features to help accurately describe the items in your shipment – critical for speedy customs clearance!

As of July 2, 2023, when creating a shipment to Ireland in MyDHL+ and DHL Express shipping solutions

  • City and postcode will be required for the Recipient address
For DHL Express high-volume shippers and accounts that have integrated systems, Ireland’s Eircode system  allows searches by city/postcode combinations
Argentina - Formal Clearance Value Reduced Formal Clearance Value ReducedView Details
Portugal - Low Value Shipment VAT Low Value Shipment VATView Details
Kenya - Anti-Counterfeit Import Permit Anti-Counterfeit Import PermitView Details
Customs Invoice Validation Requirements Customs Invoice Validation RequirementsView Details
We have resumed limited inbound and outbound shipping services to/from select locations of Ukraine.
We have resumed limited inbound and outbound shipping services to/from select locations of Ukraine.
We have temporarily suspended DHL Express shipments to and from Belarus and for inbound and domestic shipments to/within Russia.

From January 1st 2022, important changes will come into effect in the French Value Added Tax (VAT) regime, which will impact Businesses Importing Goods from Rest of World (Non-European Union* Countries) to France:

Key Changes:

  • Import VAT of shipments into France will no longer be collected by the French Customs Authorities (upon Import Clearance).
  • Import VAT will be automatically accounted for under the Importer’s (Importer of Record) French VAT number via the compulsory reverse-charge mechanism.
  • This means that companies acting as Importer of Record in France will require a valid French VAT number.
  • In a case where a non-EU Business Shipper wants to act as Importer, a valid French VAT number is required and a Fiscal Representative must be appointed to comply with its VAT obligations.

Please review the presentation which offers more detail including the rationale behind the change and the impact to the shipper, receiver and importer of record.

In addition we also share with you useful external links, which can help you determine the steps needed to make sure your business is ready to comply with the changes in the French VAT regime.

* European Union (EU) countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

DHL Express is maintaining delivery services around the world and to help you keeping up to date on our operations in impacted countries, please to get an update on our network status, click here.

This information is a high level guide to the main service adjustments for Time Definite International services in the DHL Express Network. As the situation is dynamic, the information is subject to change without notice.

Please note that if an origin or destination is not listed below, this means there is no adjustment and our network is operating as normal.

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