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DHL Express maintains Import Customer Master Files on behalf of regular customers to assist them with Customs import clearance process. This form may be used to create a new file or update an existing file.

  • To create a new file by submitting this form, please review and submit acceptable proof of an IRS number

  • To support multiple locations with this file, upload an Excel spreadsheet with a name and address for each location

Following are examples of information that may be included in this file.

  • The importer's identification number provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Contact information
  • DHL Express account number for duty billing
  • Power of Attorney (POA) status
  • Surety bond information
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes to be used
  • When to apply Free Trade Agreements
  • Partner Government Agency (PGA) information
  • American Goods Returned (AGR) application rules
  • Locations covered information in this file
    (Each division that has a unique IRS number should maintain a separate file.)

Please complete the form below to provide DHL contact information and specific import instructions related to the clearance of your shipments. The information provided will be kept on file for future shipments.

Note: Shipments currently in transit are not modified by this form. Support for shipments in transit can be received at Clearance On Demand.

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Note: Attachments are removed when the form generates an error message and must be uploaded again after error correction and before submitting a claim. Failure to provide supporting documents will delay processing.

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