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Important: Claims related to damages for insured shipments need to be reported within seven (7) calendar days of the delivery date. Claims related to service guarantees need to be filed within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of pick up.. All other claims must be reported within thirty (30) days from the date in which DHL picked up the shipment. For damaged shipments valued at $1,000 (Euros) or more, an inspection request is required.
(Account holder only - claims will only be processed if received from the account holder)
  • Delayed
  • Partially lost
  • Partially damaged
  • Completely damaged
  • Completely lost
  • Other
Supporting Documentation

Maximum: 2
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To attach a document click the browse button. Then select your file and click Open.
Note: Attachments must be under 2 MB, multiple documents should be uploaded as a zip file
Types of documentation, that will help support your request.
  • Photographs of the damaged item(s) and packaging (please include both inner and outer packaging) - Inspection report for damaged shipments valued at 1,000 Euros or more – if available.
  • Copy of original Purchase invoice (not your selling invoice, or the Invoice of manufacturer)
  • If Repairable – Invoice for repairs
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