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The index for determining the DHL Express Fuel Surcharge will change effective March 1, 2023. Please visit our Fuel Surcharge page for more details.

DHL has been alerted of the unauthorized use of its business name in SMS messages asking receivers to download an application with the extension '.apk'. We encourage you to let us know at your earliest convenience by sending a screenshot of the suspicious SMS to, include the suspicious phone number in the message. After reporting the fraudulent message, please delete it and under no circumstance should you download the application.

View more information on fraud awareness

De Minimis Value Reduced De Minimis Value ReducedView Details
We have resumed limited outbound services from select locations in Ukraine to other countries.
Morocco - Formal Declaration Required for Ecommerce Shipments Formal Declaration Required for Ecommerce ShipmentsView Details
Singapore - Goods and Services Tax (GST) Collection of Low Value Goods by Overseas Vendors Goods and Services Tax (GST) Collection of Low Value Goods by Overseas VendorsView Details
Turkey - Value Added Tax Value Added TaxView Details
United States of America - Products Originating in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Products Originating in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous RegionView Details
Shipments To and Transiting Through EU, Norway and Switzerland - Electronic Security Screening Electronic Security ScreeningView Details
We have temporarily suspended DHL Express shipments to and from Belarus and for inbound and domestic shipments to/within Russia.

Beauty products in aerosol packaging such as underarm, body, hair and facial sprays are not allowed within the DHL Express network.

Risks during storage and transportation
Aerosol cans are dangerous because of the mix of substances stored under pressure inside the metal canisters. 

The problem may arise on their potential to ignite other Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Substances during transport even if the active ingredients are not hazardous chemicals.

Implications of shipping undeclared dangerous goods
Aerosols fall under the classification of gaseous dangerous goods. 

Shipping these is a criminal offence under the Philippine Republic Act 9497 (RA 9497, Section 81 Clause 14) and could result in fines, penalties, or imprisonment. 

Find out more about shipping Dangerous Goods

When shipping, several regulations & policies must be observed. Therefore, DHL reserves the right to physically inspect any item tendered for carriage. Shipments lodged by our cash or credit card paying customers require 100% physical inspection. This policy is aligned with the legal and regulatory requirements of numerous governments and other regulatory authorities for the express delivery industry to ensure only legitimate shipments are processed.

Shipments may also be subject to other security control methods deemed necessary, such as Sniffer Dogs or X-ray without prior notice to the Shipper, Consignee and/or Payer.

Please note: As Items sent as gifts (Birthdays, Festive or Seasonal Celebrations etc.) are also subject to the same inspection(s) as noted above, Shippers are therefore advised not to wrap gifts or seal shipments upon tendering.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Until further notice, DHL Express will not accept shipments of military items subject to national export (or extra-territorial re-export) controls. Customers will be notified as soon as the suspension is lifted.

This suspension does not include domestic shipments or shipments of licensed dual-use items.

If you are uncertain whether your shipment contains military items subject to national export controls, please contact your national licensing authority.

Exporting shipment to China
Many companies in China extended their holiday or switched to work from home mode to minimize the spread of novel coronavirus. It brings a lot of difficulties to get in contact with recipient to confirm shipment details and acquire necessary paperwork for customs clearance. So, it is strongly suggested to:
a) Clearly indicate receiver’s mobile phone number (if available) and / or email address
b) Indicate recipient’s 18-digit Unified Social Credit Identifier (USCI) code on AWB or invoice, if possible
c) Provide complete shipment description, such as product model number, brand name, etc., at item level
d) With the cancellation of some network flights to CN and reduced customs officials on duty for import clearance, transit time will be not committed as normal even with exceptional delivery for relief aid. Both DHL and customs authorities will follow local government’s guideline for import clearance and dispatch resources to ensure smooth clearance of relief aids. Customs Clearance delay is expected for other types of shipments.

Face masks, N95 masks and other health protection goods to China
1. No import license is required for masks.
2. For other medical equipment and medicine, import license is required. Importer needs to obtain import license or exemption from China Medical Product Administration.
3. Shipment descriptions and net quantity need to be clearly indicated on invoice.
4. For shipment sent to private individual, please ensure shipment value is less than RMB 1,000 (HK, MO, TW is RMB 800) and the quantity is reasonable for personal use.
5. For shipment value over RMB 5,000, formal entry is required and consignee needs to be registered as Importer of Record (IOR) in customs or engage a 3rd party IOR. It is suggested that shipper must indicate consignee’s Customs Registration (CR) number or Unified Social Credit Identifier (USCI) number on invoice.

Face masks, N95 masks to Singapore
1. No import license required for personal or company shipments
2. No threshold for weight or quantity, if cost insurance and freight value more than SGD $400.00 there will be 7% GST (Local Duty Tax) incur for permit declaration.

Face masks, N95 masks to Hong Kong
1. All medical masks are acceptable within the DHL network
Rubbing, Isopropyl, Methyl and Sanitizers
Please be informed that rubbing, methyl, isopropyl and sanitizer are suspected to be dangerous goods under class 3 or flammable liquid which is not acceptable in the DHL network whether commercially available or not.
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