DHL eMailShip

What is DHL eMailShip?

DHL eMailShip is a suite of reusable DHL forms and step-by-step instructions that have been specially designed to make shipping quick, easy and convenient by using only your email. Ideal for small and medium businesses with multiple, decentralized users and locations, DHL eMailShip enables you to prepare and print DHL waybills, Shipment forms, customs documents and pick up forms--without the need to access online software or tools! You can also receive delivery notifications and book courier pickups via email with DHL eMailShip.
How can DHL eMailShip help you?
  • Allows you to reuse details in the forms for your next shipment
  • Instant system checks help reduce errors occurred by manual preparation
  • Reduces paperwork and storage space needs
  • Gives you the flexibility to work offline at your own leisure
  • Schedule courier pickups without having to make a phone call
  • Cash customers can prepare waybills and schedule a pickup
  • No need for high speed Internet access – just send and receive shipment details via your email
  • No third party plug-in needed
  • No software installation or upgrades required
Viac o DHL eMailShip
Viac o DHL eMailShip

Čo potrebujem na posielanie zásielok?
  • DHL Account number
  • PC with access to e-mail and a laser printer
  • Acrobat Adobe v8.0 or above
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