What Documents Do I Need?

Be prepared before you ship!

Along with a shipping label, shipments may also need other documents such as a customs invoice or destination specific documents to accompany the shipment. 
A shipping label contains all the information DHL needs to know to keep your package moving through the network to its ultimate destination. A shipping label is commonly referred to as a waybill.
Information typically included on a label:
  • Shipper’s and Receiver’s information, such as phone number, mailing address and email address
  • A full description of the shipment contents – what the goods are and quantity of each included
  • Shipment details including the number of packages in the shipment, total weight of the shipment and dimensions
  • Desired transit and supporting services, including shipment protections
  • Payment for services as well as destination duties and taxes
  • If the shipment is dutiable (non-document), the value of the goods and associated codes
  • When required, an export licence number, the receiver’s VAT (Value Added Tax) number or shipper’s EIN (Employer Identification Number)
Some shipments may require a General Sanctions and Export Controls Warranty and Indemnity Letter.
View More About Sanctions Restrictions 
View More About Sanctions Restrictions 

It is DHL's policy to comply with applicable international trade laws including relevant export control and sanctions restrictions. In parallel with our trade compliance measures, DHL generally does not accept payments for shipments (or other transactions) outside of the United States in U.S. Dollars for U.S. sanctioned countries. (i.e. Cuba, Crimea, Iran, Syria and North Korea).
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We Screen for Denied Parties
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