What you need to know

    Customs Authorities require a declaration and license/certificate for these controlled substances:
  • Alcoholic beverage strength over 29% by volume
  • Tobacco
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vitamins
  • Supplements (powder, capsule, tablet)
  • Injection related products
  Product packets and retail containers must bear a health warning with tar and nicotine yields in the prescribed form and manner
  Electronic Cigarette Device, Capsule, Pods are not allowed
  Shipments with controlled substances without the required license/certificate:
  • May not be possible to return to origin
  • May be destroyed

Prior to shipment arrival in Macao

Shipper Must:
Liaise with the Receiver to ensure required license/certificate is in place prior to shipment arrival in Macao

Receiver Must:
  Provide a copy of license/certificate to DHL Macao for file Import Application
  Obtain Macao Product Classification Certificate and provide a copy to DHL Macao
  Submit documents to DHL Macao at modtec@dhl.com with DHL waybill number in the email subject
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