FAQs – Return Shipments

Yes, you’ll need a printer to print the label (and other shipping documents) if:

  • You are the person returning a shipment and were not given a pre-printed label.
  • You are creating a shipment and plan to enclose a return label and documents in the parcel.

You do not need a printer if:

  • You are only emailing the return label and shipping documents to someone.

Service Claims can be filed only for shipments that have been delivered later than the committed date/time. If you have been charged for returned or cancelled shipments as a result of a DHL error, disputes should be submitted by this form. Examples of a DHL error will include mis-codes, mis-sorts, deliveries made to the wrong address. DHL will attempt to contact the recipient for a length of time in line with the Import Countries’ rules and regulations. Examples of customer errors would include incorrect or insufficient delivery address information, inadequate content descriptions, value discrepancies, etc.

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