Customs Clearance Options

DHL Express wants to ensure your shipments cross international borders seamlessly! In order for that to happen, someone has to work with customs for shipment clearance.

You can choose to self-clear your shipment, appoint a third-party broker or select DHL to be your broker.

No need for consignees to go to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) office to self-clear a shipment. Let our door-to-door service do all the work!

There are many benefits associated with using the DHL Express of Canada as your broker.


Established customs services for shipments with additional clearance requirements


Advancement of duties and taxes to the CBSA on the consignee’s behalf to repay later


Compliant record keeping of import filings required by the CBSA


Extensive experience working with local customs authorities for expedited clearance

Contact our Certified International Specialists for questions about customs services, related charges, and opening a brokerage account.

DHL Express (Canada) requires written authorization to perform customs clearance on commercial and formal imports. If your shipment is for:

  • Personal use but requires formal clearance complete and submit: Clearance by DHL for Individuals
  • Commercial use and requires formal clearance complete and submit: Clearance by DHL for Businesses
If you wish to self-clear your shipment, please notify DHL by completing the Self-Clearance form and we will email you the necessary paperwork. 
Appoint Your Own Broker
If you wish to appoint your own broker to clear your shipment, please notify DHL by completing the Clearance By Your Authorized Broker form and we will email them the required paperwork.
Clearance Selection Notifications
Commercial/Formal Imports Authorizations
Customs agent checking shipping documents
Services to Support the Customs Clearance Process
We understand the importance of clearing customs quickly. Our selection of standard and specialized services are designed to help!
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