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DHL Express does not accept international shipments of Controlled Military Items subject to export controls.

This suspension does not include domestic shipments of Controlled Military Items or international shipments of licensed dual-use items.

If you are uncertain whether your shipment contains military items subject to export controls, please contact your national licensing authority (and/or the licensing authority in the country of origin and destination of the military items) to verify.

DHL has been alerted of the unauthorized use of its business name in SMS messages asking receivers to download an application with the extension '.apk'. We encourage you to let us know at your earliest convenience by sending a screenshot of the suspicious SMS to, include the suspicious phone number in the message. After reporting the fraudulent message, please delete it and under no circumstance should you download the application.

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Take advantage of MyDHL+ features to help accurately describe the items in your shipment – critical for speedy customs clearance!

There is currently an email circulating that purports to be a notification for DHL On Demand Delivery service. These spoofed emails use a sign-in link to direct recipients to a fake website. If you receive an email that you do not recognize, please do not click on the link.

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As of July 2, 2023, when creating a shipment to Ireland in MyDHL+ and DHL Express shipping solutions

  • City and postcode will be required for the Recipient address
For DHL Express high-volume shippers and accounts that have integrated systems, Ireland’s Eircode system  allows searches by city/postcode combinations
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We have resumed limited outbound services from select locations in Ukraine to other countries.
We have temporarily suspended DHL Express shipments to and from Belarus and for inbound and domestic shipments to/within Russia.

As of Jan 1 2022, when applying the RCEP preferential tax rate to imported goods whose total taxable price per declaration exceeds 200,000 yen, customers will be required to prepare and submit the following documents;

  • the certificate of origin, or
  • the declaration of origin and its attachment at the time of import declaration.

If the imported shipment is a RCEP preferential tax rate applicable item, and you wish to apply the preferential tax rate, please prepare the above necessary documents and contact DHL Customer Service before the baggage arrives in Japan. The declaration of origin template and its attachment can be found at Japan Customs website (Japanese only). Please note that the RCEP tax rate cannot be applied after customs clearance. (Because the request for correction to the RCEP tax rate is not accepted)

If you do not require DHL’s assistance with the RCEP preferential tax rate application before import declaration, or wish to only apply for the general agreement tax rate, please contact your sales representative or customer service.

For more information regarding RCEP rules of origin and required documents, please refer to the related customs authorities. In advance of importation, you may refer to Customs regarding the origin of a good.

Regarding shipments from EU or other TPP11 membership countries with declared customs value exceeding JPY 200,000 (*1), importers will be required to submit Certificate of Origin and Statement on Origin or other related documents as evidence of origination in order to apply for treatment of JP-EU EPA or TPP11 duty-rate(*2).

If customers wish to import goods applicable for EU-JP EPA or TPP11, please prepare the necessary documents and contact DHL Customer Service before shipment arrival in JP. Please note that request for reassessment for the treatment of JP-EU EPA is not accepted at JP Customs if the shipment already has import permission without JP-EU EPA treatment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to answer inquiries regarding the Rules of Origin for EPA/TPP11 or Self-Certification System, so please check with JP Customs, relevant ministries and agencies or JETRO.

DHL will not be able to create the Certificate of Origin or Statement on Origin on behalf of customer, so please prepare the documents by yourself.

If you wish to use Advance Ruling on Origin which is provided by JP Customs, please contact JP Customs.

(*1) If the declared Customs value for one single declaration is less than JPY 200,000, importers will be able to omit the submission of Certificate of Origin and Statement on Origin.
(*2) Regarding the document format of Certificate of Origin and Statement on Origin, please refer to the JP Customs Website.

Those customers who request arrival notice to confirm EPA/TPP tariff rate applicability for importing shipments, and/or those customers who request MFN tariff such as WTO rate instead of using EPA/TPP tariff rate for importing shipments subject value of which are not greater than JPY200,000, are kindly required to present “EPA/TPP tariff rate instruction sheet” to DHL Japan before Import declaration.

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