Invoice Enquiries

Billing and invoice information for DHL Express UK account holders
DHL account holders can contact us directly for assistance with an invoice query.
Log an Invoice Enquiry
The most efficient way to log an invoice query is via our MyBill website.

With MyBill, you can also request back up documentation to be sent with your invoices using a feature called Proactive Paperwork Attachment (PPA).

What is PPA?

DHL will send you supporting documentation with your invoices, such as waybill copies and Customs documents. The supporting documentation will be sent to the email addresses assigned in MyBill and multiple users can be registered for this service.

Benefits of PPA

  • Receive supporting paperwork by email or sFTP at the same time as your invoices for faster reconciliation
  • PPA is available for both Duty invoices (Duty Taxes Unpaid) and Freight invoices (inclusive of Duty Taxes Paid)

If you would like PPA enabled in MyBill, please email us to get these features added to your account.

If you haven’t signed up for MyBill or PPA yet, you can log invoice queries and documentation requests by calling Customer Accounting on 0344 248 0777 or by emailing Invoice Enquiries.

Find answers to frequently asked questions in our Duties and Taxes guide.

Pay Duty and VAT Invoice Online

How to set up your own deferment account
For information about how to set up your own deferment account, please contact your local Customs office or visit the website or contact HM Revenue & Customs directly on 0300 200 3700.
Do you have your own deferment account and wish to amend an entry?
For any amendments to clearances made against your deferment account, please contact DHL Aviation.
Please select the business you have an account with and have your account and invoice number available:
DHL Global Forwarding Customers: 020 8754 5000
DHL Supply Chain Customers: 0800 316 0498
DHL Freight Customers onlyEmail Invoice Enquiries
Customer Accounting Invoice Enquiries
DHL International (UK) Ltd
Southern Hub
Unit 1, Horton Road

Tel: 0344 248 0777
Email: Invoice Enquiries
Please email your remittance advice to DHL International (UK) Ltd

Non-account customers should contact Customer Service for all enquiries.

DHL invoices fall into three different categories:
Inbound invoices relate to shipments either being imported into the UK from abroad or for third country movements. Charges will be billed to a UK account holder, as per the instructions on the waybill.
This type of invoice may also relate solely to Import Duties and Taxes which have been reverted back to the UK shipper \ UK account holder, as per instructions on the waybill.
These charges are levied by HM Customs and Excise and have been paid for by DHL Express on your behalf in order that we can deliver your goods.
In the unlikely event a billing error occurs on your account, you may be issued with a Credit Note.
DHL invoices are available in various formats. If you would like to change the appearance of your invoice, you can request an invoice in the following formats:
  • Date order
  • Shipper's reference order
  • Separate invoice per destination
  • Separate invoice per product
  • Multi-product invoice
If you wish to amend your invoice format, please contact your Account Manager.
Logging Invoice Queries
All invoice queries must be reported within 30 days of the invoice date.
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